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Cops are dumb.

Posted by hopewhisper on 2005.08.09 at 01:54
Breezing: highhigh
Chilling to: end of the line- the offspring

We are stoned. But Brian is still downstairs, though. Me, Brittany and Tommy are in her room. She wantes someone to change her piercing. I'm too scared though. It is dark. I like the dark, it's pretty. I forgot just what I wrote. I wish Brian was up here, they aren't saying anything to me or interesting.


Instant Winner!

Mental institutions are fun!


they are all in the kithchen  now so I will type random things. Or sad things. I'm high right now, so I'm staying happy, no sad stuff. No thinking! They are back, it will be easy to be happy cause theyll be funny. I was wrong so far.


ok i guess we arent funny but you went downstairs. your not fun either, jj i love ya. bye now


Flower Girl
hopewhisper at 2005-08-09 20:10 (UTC) (Link)
I was sobering up, and then I dreamt Brian sat up on the bed after yelling Fguck or something, but he didn't really. I woke up, sat up and asked if he was ok. It sucked.
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